Patricia (Patti) Noon, LMSW

EditPatricia (Patti) Noon, LMSW is a licensed social worker who received her Master’s degree in Clinical Social Work from the University at Albany in Social Work following a 20-year career in the human services field working with individuals with developmental disabilities.  She has had experience in the substance abuse field, as well. 

Ms. Noon began working as an independent contractor at Choices Counseling and Consulting in 2016. Additionally, she works with Dr. Carolyn Wolf-Gould, an the team at the Gender Wellness team in Oneonta New York. She also provides social work services at the Susquehanna Family Practice.

Please call (518) 438-2222 to request more information or make an appointment.


*Patti Noon, LMSW is a independent consultant at Arlene Lev, LCSW-R, P.C.