Healing Trauma & Abuse

Trauma can be a single event or a series of traumatic or abusive events that may be repeated over time causing an individual to become overwhelmed with emotional distress. Trauma can include rape, sexual assault, sexual abuse, bias-related violence, or many other traumatic events. It is important to acknowledge that no two people react to a traumatic event in the same way. As result, the effects of trauma and one’s ability to cope vary from person to person. When an individual is unable to deal with traumatic events, they will often feel alone and struggle with recurring feelings of worry, fear and worthlessness. Trauma sufferers can have difficulty in relationships and struggle with emotional challenges because of the traumatic experience. Healing from trauma to be able to successfully cultivate healthy relationships is absolutely possible! Staff at Choices acknowledge the vast array of emotional pain that may accompany trauma and are prepared to offer safe, confidential and therapeutic support. We offer individual counseling as well as support groups.