Adoptive Families

Families formed by adoption share many the same dynamics as other families, but also have some unique qualities and challenges. Often adoptive parents have dealt with infertility, followed by navigating the rigors of the adoption journey. Sometimes children are adopted older, and are healing from previous traumas. Additionally, many adoptions are transracial and/or trans-cultural, re-defining families and their identities. The staff at Choices are able to provide homestudies for prospective parents and second-parent adoptions for gay and lesbian parents. Choices actively supports transgender and gay/lesbian adoption by facilitating connections with LGBTQ friendly adoption agencies. We provide pre-adoption counseling, and post-adoption counseling, and also work with many adult adoptees. Additionally, we provide support services for birth families placing children for adoption. Choices works closely with Families in Adoption, providing support, homestudies,and pre and post adoption services.