Transgender & Transsexual Identity

Transgender and transsexual people face unique social and psychological challenges, including issues related to gender transition, work-related problems, and family rejection. Trans people need resources and support to address their coming out issues, identity struggles, and family education. Few therapists have had training in trans-medicine, forcing trans people to educate their therapists when they are most in need of support. The staff at Choices are trained and able to assist clients with gender issues whether it be counseling for gender dysphoria, coming out, accessing resources, or pursuing gender transition. Clinicians are skilled at writing letters for hormone  therapy  and gender reassignment surgery (GRS), also known as gender confirming surgery. Choices is committed to competent practices in trans-medicine, and all staff are able to complete psychosocial evaluations for medical referrals, provide therapy and education for family and loved ones, and assist in work or school related transition issues. We also offer support groups for MTF, FTM, and Partners.