History & Mission

Choices Counseling and Consulting has been serving the Capital District community for more than 25 years. Choices, under the clinical directorship of Arlene Istar Lev, LCSW-R, CASAC, CST provides individual, couple, family and group counseling.

The mission of Choices Counseling and Consulting is the providing competent psychotherapeutic care to all individuals and families.All associates at Choices are trained in general psychotherapy and family therapy, holding Master’s degrees in Social Work or Psychology. We are skilled in traditional psychotherapeutic modalities, as well as holistic and psychospiritual approaches. Although individual practitioners have different training and focus, associates all work within a feminist and family systems framework, with additional specialization in various other modalities. We work with families, couples, children, and youth.

In addition to general training in psychology, the staff at Choices specializes in issues related to sexual orientation, sexuality, and gender identity and expression. Our focus always begins with respect to people’s unique racial, ethnic, cultural backgrounds, sexual orientations, gender identities and expressions, and dis/abilities. Our clinicians draw from training and therapeutic skills that recognize, validate, and celebrate diversity as a means to create safe and welcoming spaces for all persons. Understanding that each of these aspects of identity exists on a spectrum, we affirm and respect every client’s right to self-identify and authenticity.

Choices welcomes all individuals and couples, including those who are lesbian and gay and bisexual or queer. We work with transgender people, including gender non-conforming children and youth, and gender-queer identified. Additionally, we offer culturally competent counseling for those who are poly and those who identify with alternative (kink) sexuality.

What is unique about Choices is our commitment to couples and families who are LGBTQ identified. We recognize that diversity among and within families is extremely positive. Family values are at the core of our therapy.

Choices has a commitment to making therapy financially accessible. Therapists can work with some insurance companies and services are available on a sliding scale. All services are confidential and HIPPA regulations are rigorously followed to protect clients’ rights to privacy.

Accepting Blue Cross and CDPHP insurance

Choices offices area and always have been wheelchair accessible.