Acey A. Mercer, LMSW

acey-mercerAcey A. Mercer, LMSW is the Practice Manager and a licensed Psychotherapist at Choices Counseling & Consulting in Albany, NY where he counsels children, adolescents and adults of all backgrounds, identities and abilities. Acey is well versed in providing support and guidance in areas related to: Gender Identity, Gender Transition, Relationships, Sexuality, Sexual Orientation, Sexual Health, Self-Esteem, Trauma, Mindfulness, Strengths-Finding, Communication Skills, General & Social Anxiety, Depression, and Stress Management.

Acey takes an integrative, collaborative and holistic approach to therapy as he acknowledges that you the client are an individual with your own unique story. Working with Acey will provide you fresh and empathetic perspectives through which you will come to see that you truly are already whole and lovable. With Acey’s support and empathy, you will learn mindfulness techniques, how to communicate more skillfully, how to break negative patterns and how to reveal and highlight your strengths and capabilities. Despite difficulties in life, all persons, including you hold value and purpose. Acey remains committed to helping you, his client, become empowered and enlightened as you journey toward self-acceptance and actualization.



“Our physical and emotional scars do not define us as human beings; they merely reflect our strength and courage to live. These wounds, which we all possess, provide opportunities to fully embrace ourselves with love, acceptance and healing growth. Therapy offers us these possibilities in a safe, nonjudgmental, compassionate and constructive space.” ~ Acey ~

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